Do I Need A Studio For Green Screen?

It’s often assumed that in order to carry out green screen work you need a studio. While studios are ideal for such work, they do add to the budget as well as travel time to the location.

Media2u can bring the studio to you. We have a variety of foldout green screen solutions that can transform most spaces into a studio environment. All we need is space, power and the ability to control the lighting so we can add our own.

Of course the space must be sufficiently quiet so there are no interruptions and the acoustics must be suitable. If when you clap your hands an echo comes back the room probably isn’t ideal for recording.

Places we have recorded include offices, hotel meeting rooms and even warehouses. If you have several guests, a hotel meeting room in a central location can be the most time efficient way to capture them.

If you need a green screen production in the South and want a cost and time effective solution, why not speak to Media2u about how we can help you create your next video production?

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