How Much Does A Video Production Cost?

Most weeks we’ll receive at least one phone call asking us how much a video production will cost. No more information than that, just “how much does a video from you cost”? That’s not a lot of information to work with. It’s rather like asking how much a car costs. Do you want 2 doors, 4 doors, a sports car, a 4×4. There’s a large price difference between a Dacia and a Rolls Royce but they are both cars!

If we are to provide an approximate costing, we do need some basic information provided to us. With this in mind, below are listed some of the basic pieces of information that it is helpful to provide us with in order that we can provide a costing for you.

What’s a broad outline of the content? Interviews? Product demonstration? Conference coverage?

How long will the video be?

How many edits? For example a main 3 minute edit and a 40 second social media edit.

How many days shooting do you think will be required?

How many locations will be used?

Will you require music and/or voiceover?

At this stage you don’t need to be totally accurate. What we are trying to do is scope out the project in order to work out what is involved. You may have seen other videos you like and you can send those to us to look at if you wish. The more information provided, the more accurate we can be.

Every video production we undertake is bespoke and therefore we will talk to you about your production before we produce a final quote. However we are always happy to provide and outline cost and the more information we are given, the more likely the final quote will be close to the outline cost.

We’re always delighted to chat about video so if you do want to talk to us about your next production please contact us using the form below …

Call 01794 330574 or fill out the contact form below

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