Can I Shoot My Own Business Drone Footage?

With drone prices dropping, aerial footage has never been more affordable. Drones such as the DJI Mini 2 have put drone operation within the reach and pockets of everyone. For less than ??500 you can be fully kitted out and airborne. Therefore you might think you can take your own aerial shots to use for your business.

However should you attempt to do this, you could be breaking the law.

In the UK just passing your CAA drone test isn’t enough to qualify you to shoot footage for commercial purposes.

But what are commercial purposes? You’d think it’s where money changes hands for the service, but in fact it can mean if the footage is destined for commercial use. So if a relative shoots footage of your facility as a favour to you, you and they could be breaking the law.

In order to legally shoot footage commercially, you must have the correct CAA certification for your drone as well as have a Flyer ID and Operator ID from the CAA. Finally you must have an appropriate level of insurance for commercially flying your drone.

The CAA website has more information on the requirements. But as a rule of thumb, always ask to see the operators Flyer ID, Operator ID and evidence of insurance cover before a flight commences.

If you need to insure a drone for commercial use, Coverdrone is a good place to find out more and get a quote.

Media2u offers aerial drone footage as part of our standard video production packages. We are licensed and are insured for commercial flight. We are always happy to show our evidence of certification and cover.

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