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It’s less than 10 years since the first drones arrived on the video production scene and revolutionised how we shoot aerial exteriors. Previously such shots were the preserve of a few aerial photography companies utilising helicopters, but suddenly a number of smaller operators specialising in drone footage began to market their services. These were still specialist operations requiring certification and the drone technology was still very new and relatively expensive to own and operate.

Drone shots have become an increasingly common part of our productions but until now they have always involved a separate operator needing to be on site. Even as as little as 5 years ago I can recall just getting a drone in the air for a single specific shot for one production being a protracted and costly affair. Was the operator free on a day when the weather would be right? We had to be very careful about overflying people due to the certification class of the drone

However with the latest sub 250g drones we are now able to bring a drone to any shoot without the added expense of a second person being required. These small drones offer enormous flexibility as they have less restrictions around where they can be operated. The CAA allows these units to be flown closer to buildings and people than heavier drones which opens up more possibilities in areas where 150 metre spacing isn’t practical.

We are now able to fit a DJI Mini 2 into our standard kit back which means it can come to any shoot. Of course airspace restrictions, weather, and safety still need to be considered, but these truly remarkable devices open up aerial photography to a whole new level.

Media2u offers a 4K drone service from our Hampshire base as part of our standard video production services. We are licensed with the CAA as a commercial drone operator and are fully insured which means we can offer a complete video production solution.

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