Launching A New Podcast In 2021

Media2u has produced many podcasts and audio productions since we were founded in 2005. Usually these are recorded in person perhaps with a guest on a remote link.

However the 2020/21 pandemic has meant we have had to temporarily move to full remote production. Focus On What Matters was launched in March 2021 and, at the time of writing, has both presenters and the guests all remote from each other.

The series is hosted by Deborah Fleming and Fabrizio Contardi and they ask experts in a variety of unique and diverse professions, what they think will really matter the most in 2021. Subjects vary from improving your listening skills to the recruitment of more woman in engineering. Each podcast is under half hour long and is released every two weeks via all the main podcasting apps.

If you are interested in launching a podcast, why not contact Media2u? We have over 20 years experience in audio production including in both commercial and BBC radio and offer complete solutions, including white label, to organisations across the UK.

To listen to Focus On What Matters, click the image below:

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