Expert Podcasting Tips

During lockdown, more people then ever before are starting to podcast. However, in a crowded marketplace, how do you stand out? Here are some tips to get the most out of your podcasting experience.


What will make your podcast stand out? How will it engage the audience? Think about the podcasts you listen to. Do you ever switch off halfway through? Why?

Engaging content is the key. Get the audience interested and keep them hooked. They’ll want to come back for more.

Either find your niche or find an existing subject that is covered and do it better.


Plan the content of each podcast. You’ll already know what your usual running time is. You should stick to this and watch the clock during the recording. Shorter is better than longer. Arguably 30 minutes is a golden length but this can vary.

Try to keep to one theme per podcast and structure it around your running time.

Plan an episode schedule. Listeners like regularity that can fit around their lifestyle so plan to have a schedule that has a new episode at a certain time each week.

Sound Quality

Poor audio quality creates listener fatigue. Good audio isn’t just a question of your equipment but also your room acoustics. Clap your hands. Do you hear reverberation? Cover hard surfaces with heavy blankets or towels, close the curtains. Reduce the reverberation in the room to the minimum possible. If you are investing in a permanent setup, you can purchase acoustic foam but *do* ensure it is flame retardant. Some of the foam sold on certain auction sites can be outright dangerous. Remember that acoustic foam only deadens reverberation, it does not soundproof. So if your children are having online lessons in the next room, you’ll need to find a way to block that out as well.

Invest in a good microphone from a known brand and beware of bundles from Chinese companies on Amazon that look too good to be true. If I tell you that the mic arm in our studio costs £70 alone and isn’t particularly special, you’ll understand why offers of a mic + arm and shock mount for £50 aren’t a good idea.

I won’t recommend specific microphones. They are very much a personal preference but aim to be spending around £150 on a brand name microphone.

Like And Subscribe

It’s a tedious inevitability that any podcast or YouTube video will ask that you like and subscribe. However it is important. The more people interact with your podcast, the more the podcasting services will push you to the forefront.


This is the hardest bit. You have a podcast. But how will anyone know you are producing it? Your promotion needs to be relentless and you must be in it for the long haul. Use social media, Linkedin and your own personal network. Invite guests on who can bring their own following. Just launching a podcast and failing to promote it is like shouting into a void. There’s nobody there to hear you!

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