2020 In View

2020 was a very difficult year for all and producing video during the pandemic has been a challenge. From March until June, nearly all of our work was restricted to the edit suite. But with the easing of restrictions and with people returning to work, the second half of the year was amazingly busy. We’ve covered high value antiques that made international news, spent 3 days in a school to produce a promotional video, worked with several clients with products to fight the pandemic and turned around a video to promote the Salisbury Christmas tree trail in 42 hours.

However the highlight of the year was spending time with the Visually Impaired Sailing Association, VISA-GB. They offer sailing trip to blind and partially sighted people within a safe and friendly environment. At fairly short notice we ended up spending two days with them on the Solent carrying out interviews and trying to shoot dynamic visuals. I say ‘trying’ as the weather decided to work against us. Getting wet is a part of sailing and while you can weatherproof most of the camera, the exposed lens is always the weak link. In 4K the slightest bit of water can spoil a shot. In the end we got enough shots within our restricted window to produce an informative and attractive video that has been well received by the client. This was achieved by shooting with a conventional camera as well as action cameras including a 360 camera to give us drone like shots. This was very useful as the weather meant there was no hope of flying an actual drone.

Overall it was a hugely enjoyable and inspirational shoot and a chance to create an engaging video with a strong narrative. We hope it will inspire participate and support for what is an amazing organisation.

A short film introducing the Visually Impaired Sailing Association and their activities.

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