Adverts On Youtube – Can You Avoid Them On Your Video?

You may have found that your corporate videos on Youtube suddenly have adverts playing before them. This is due to a change in rules from Youtube that impacts all smaller content creators.

Youtube now enforces pre-roll adverts on any channel with less than 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours per year. With pre-roll adverts the danger is that your competitor could be seen before the viewer even sees your video. However there are some ways to mitigate this.

If this is impacting you, consider embedding the video on your own web page. For now, Youtube is not enforcing adverts on embedded videos, only those viewed directly on its site.

The other option is to work towards achieving 1000 subscribers and maintaining a minimum of 4000 watch hours per year. This is easier said than done. 4000 watch hours would require 4000 viewers to watch an hour of your content each! Longer videos are good for this but you still need to drive the numbers in.

The other option is to use other video hosting services such as Vimeo, but alas there is far less ‘passing trade’ on there, so you will have to drive the traffic to the videos yourself.

Sadly Youtube is increasingly seeing itself as a TV style outlet rather than a video hosting platform. People who pay to subscribe to YouTube don’t see any adverts but they are in the minority.

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