YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo

If you want to get your video seen, you need to get it online. YouTube is the market leader for online video having around 80% of the market and 2 billion individuals using it per month, with Vimeo in second place with 170 million users per month,

Despite the smaller number, Vimeo has some advantages. It has a smaller community feel and a better set of tools giving a publisher more control over how their video is seen. We have found Vimeo a better site for embedding videos into external websites. Some clients opt to have their video productions on both sites.

Vimeo memberships also allow you to password lock videos and restrict access to only certain domains or users. Useful if you want to keep content private. Youtube allows for private links but anyone with that link can see the video.

So for embedding and more control over your content, Vimeo is the better choice. However, if the most pairs of eyes on your video matters to you, then you should use Youtube. In fact, here at Media2u we recommend you use both!

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