The Secret Of Good Video

The Secret Of Good Video

What’s the secret of good video? The answer may surprise you, it’s great audio. Audio is often the neglected part of the production process. People may spend thousands on a camera but then skimp on their audio acquisition. Here’s some tips to get good audio on your next video shoot:

Do not use the built in microphone

No matter if you are shooting on a DSLR, video camera or phone, the simple rule is that built in microphones are too low quality and too far away from the action. Use an external microphone close to the action. Adaptors are available allowing you to plug professional microphones into DSLR or phone. iRig sell an excellent selection.

Choose your microphone carefully

What kind of microphone will you use? A lapel/ Lavalier mic is excellent for talking heads or interviews, especially for solo shooting. These small mics simply clip on to the interviewee and low end examples can be purchased from around £50, extending up to the ‘gold standard’ Sony ECM 77 for around £300.

Beware of cheap wireless mics sold on eBay. They are low quality and may even be illegal to use. Typical cost for a good quality wireless receiver and transmitter pair with mic is in the region of £500, so you can see why a £100 may not get you a high quality microphone.

Dead Cat

Not what it sounds like. If you are recording outside, to prevent wind noise on your recording you need a wind jammer, known in the trade as a ‘dead cat’. It’s a furry cover for your microphone that prevents wind noise on your recording. Not to be mistaken for a pop shield which is made of foam and is of no use for preventing wind noise.

We hope these tips help you get the best audio possible on your next video production.