Podcasting On Location

The call came in, would we go to the largest youth club in Europe to record a half hour podcast? We’d be speaking to 3 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds about how they manage their money.

Recording on location brings its own challenges. Acoustics, background noise and not necessarily having sight of the location until you get there. The chosen location was a meeting room overlooking the main activity area inside the youth centre.

4 microphones were set up and plugged into our specialist recorder, each microphone being recorded as a separate track. The guests were sat a distance apart, partly for social distancing but also to avoid crossover on the microphones. The presenter was sat opposite so she could face the guests and she also used a different type of microphone. In situations like this it can be useful to have several microphones on hand to test what will work best as you never quite know the acoustics until you are in the room.

As we realised we’d never be able to eliminate the low level of background noise from the people in the centre, the presenter sets the scene at the start by saying it’s a busy evening with lots of activities going on. This added ambiance to the recording and helped set the scene. We did have to ensure the music playing over the PA was switched off otherwise there would have been copyright implications.

The session went well and the result was a high quality recording with a nice dynamic between the guests and the presenter. After the events of 2021/2 it was nice to be back in a room with people face to face and the difference that makes to the final product over remove recording.

You can hear a clip from the production below. To find out how Media2u can produce your next podcast for you, please contact us.

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