Budgeting your production

Budgeting your production

Budgeting for a video production is something we do daily here at Media2u. The fact is the part the client sees, the shoot, is just one small part of the entire process. Here we break down some of the things that need to be considered when costing a video production.


Not always required but there may need to be time allocated to scripting and preparation as well as site visits.


How many days shooting are required? What are the travel costs? What resources are required?


This doesn’t just include the physical edit, but also involves offloading the footage, logging it and creating multiple backups of the master footage.

Additional Post-production

Do you require graphics, a voiceover or music? All of these things need to be factored in. Voiceover costs can vary depending on who is selected for the task.

Increasingly additional edits are required for social media which may also need to be factored in.

We hope this gives you a brief insight into what is involved in producing a budget. If you wish to speak to Media2u regarding your next video production, please contact us.