Public Sector And Local Government Video Production

Public Sector Video Production

Media2u has been working with public sector organisations for many years, producing high impact videos to a defined specification and to a fixed budget.

Get Your Message Out There

Do you need to widen awareness of a service or to educate your audience? Video is the proven medium for getting your message across. From public awareness through to issues such as planning, Media2u has undertaken projects for many different public sector organisations including Portsmouth City Council, East Sussex County Council, Oxfordshire County Council and the NHS.

Inform Your Audience

A video has a far great impact than traditional printed media and can also be used and conferences, events and for internal training. Once the video is complete it can be distributed via services such as Youtube at no cost, freeing you of the costs of traditional printing and the high cost of postage.

Working With You

Media2u will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly the video you need. We have many satisfied clients in the public sector all over the UK:


"Our experience of Media2u was fantastic. The service was second to none and the product we've received is exactly what we were after as it's specific to the needs of the partnership. We were supported throughout the filming process because Media2u is adaptable, approachable and understanding. Our video has provided the partnership with a resource that is adaptable to many situations and therefore can be used at a range of events. It helps to brand our partnership and brings modern up-to-date  technology to our displays and events."

Lizzie Vickery, Communications Officer, East Sussex County Council (Safer Communities Team)


Whatever your requirements, call us on 0845 519 60 and we'll do our best to help.

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